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Submitted on
July 24, 2013
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this is an auction, please read my rules~ :3

#1 - sorceress with winged cat:
taken by ShadowedLullaby
#2 - monster girl:
taken by Maeyin

:bulletblue:minimum increase is 1$
:bulletpink: bid at the 'bid here' comments (there are two, one for each adoptable, marked with #1/#2 ) :bulletpink:
:bulletblue: you must pay with paypal and make sure you are able to pay!
:bulletblue: you have to pay within 24 hours or else i will not give the adopted character to you
:bulletblue: the auction will end on Friday, 13 o' clock, GMT+2

:bulletblue: do not resell the character
:bulletblue: i will note you when you won the auction
:bulletgreen: when you won you have the right to:
:bulletgreen: claim the character as your own (still not the art or the design)
:bulletgreen: change things in her design
:bulletgreen: also i will send you the original, bigger file, without a watermark

:rose: have fun bidding ~ :heart:
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