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August 15, 2012
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:HBD: Shu by Marmaladecookie :HBD: Shu by Marmaladecookie
*cough* well ~
:bulletblue::bulletwhite: happy happy birthday :iconshusical::bulletwhite::bulletblue:
i'm sorry, it's late... a few days before your birthday i could not draw cuz my father was working on my pc T3T but now i'm done with your gift, i drew julie and some flowers for you ;3; :heart:
so... and for all the people who feel like they need to critique me now, please, don't tell me my art is shit, i know i'm not perfect and i never said i am! and i always say i want to improve and i always give my best to do so. i've put so much effort in this drawing, don't make me down... please.. i know there are mistakes in it, but i always see them when i finish the drawing and i don't want to change it than -w-
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Soriyoku Jan 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
HOW CAN ANYONE SAY THIS IS BAD!? This is amazing! Most likely, they're envious of you and are trying to make you give up on drawing. If they want to see crappy drawings, tell them to look at mine! I wish I could be as good as you...
omg omg omg ;;;; first off i want to really apologise for literally taking three months to get to this especially when you tried so hard to make it on time ;A;; i'm so, so sorry about that.. ;;A;;;
BUT, I DID NOTICE IT and wooooow i was really blown away and flattered because omg ;; just from the thumbnail it looks breathtaking and when i opened it i just... i was not expecting this at all oh WWwOOOOOWW ;AAAAA;;;;..!!!

OOOOMGGGG QQAAQQ sooo much detail waaaaaahhh!! there are so many beautiful different kind of flowers in this and such a precious colour palette and composition ;O; <333 it looks like something super sweet i would print out and put on my wall omggggg ;; <33 i really love this a lot and i don't know how to express it at all TT A TT AHAHAH!! i've always adored your style, it's so distinctive and just ;; aaaaawwww...! the way you draw eyes are so glittery and jewel-like, i love how it matches julie so much ;uuuuuu;;; omgg, i just keep staring at all the details you put in, even the lace cutouts and soooo many flowers... ;OOOO;;

YOUR PATIENCE IS AMAZINGGG TT______TT thank you thank you so much! the little subtle textures in the grass awww ;; <33 i really love it <33333 thank you so muchhh! ;AAA;; i'm still sad that i didn't get to enter your and ame's contest since i'm just.. too slow LOL but i hope to make it up >U<;; siiigh wahh this is so precious ; A ;; such soft colouring... Q o Q <333

thank you so much!!! <33
i'm sorry again for being too late... i am terrible aahhhhh TTT___TT but thank you so much for being patient, omg ;; <3

and i wanted to add >U<
i'm sorry that people are giving you a hard time! ; O ;; you always seem to put a lot of effort in your art, even if you draw a chibi, or if you draw a fullbody, or really anything i don't think people should be bashing others' art! i know i shouldn't really be saying how people should act ehehe... but ;v; i always feel like you have so much fun with your art and it's really something that's admirable, i hope more people can understand that. it's really a beautiful drawing like many of your others. i hope you never stop drawing, especially not because of people who decide not to respect you! while i like constructive crit myself, i also understand that not everyone wants it. >O< thank you for always sharing your art with us to see! ; vvv;; <33
She's just too cute. :aww:
I love her little antlers. ^w^
Nice work. She is lovely.
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punkion Aug 21, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
aw, but its really kawaii!!XD
Catiminy Aug 20, 2012  Hobbyist
Amazing ! The flowers are so beautiful. It's so lovely.
sweetberries202 Aug 17, 2012
This artwork is so beautiful! I love all those flowers around her! You're so amazingly skilled at drawing!
Awww~ so cute.
I like how you did all those flowers around her, very nice.
Kaykayiscrazy Aug 16, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
I really like how this looks, its' so pretty! And don't even listen to those haters, they aren't worth the time :hug:
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